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Favorite Comics

Big Ones
There is absolutely no comic more completely random. I can't stop laughing! If you read this along with Living in Greytown, do you understand Dave Kelly? I don't know. Actually I write this comic now.

Bob the Angry Flower
This comic is great in every conceivable way. Bob has made an art form out of insanity. It is a celebration of pure evil.

Bruno Daily Times
A comic of great wit, depth, such sophistication. It's about the life of a rather depressed young woman. It's amazing.

This comic is simply delightful.

Oh my god this is so awesome you won't believe it! It's about a woman with dissociative mental problems trying to help populate a new technologically advanced nation. But that doesn't explain anything! Trust me, it's AMAZING.

A totally insane comic that is extremely amusing but that I can't make sense of at all! I do know that it is delightful and that the main character is a slave though!

Living in Greytown
This is simply wonderful. I have never read a web comic that had such a strong emotional effect on me. It's my all-time favorite on-line comic.

Macropod Madness
Dangerously cute comic about the surreal lives of some kangaroos. It's so cute and fetishy! There are lots of feeding and fattening scenes, and some vore scenes and shrinking scenes as well. And the author seems to have a pouch fetish. I just adore it.

Ozy and Millie
Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, except more animals. It's really good, especially the later comics!

Purple Pussy
Another comic by the insanely hilarious Dave Kelly! This is his worst yet!!

No comic is so excellent in its depravity. Very frightening and a danger to society.

Sabrina Online
This comic typifies all that is fur. It is great. Sex seems to burst out of every line in the picture somehow. I can't get enough of it!

Slow Wave
This comic is so awesome!! It's nothing but people's dreams set in strip form!

Sluggy Freelance
Sluggy is super funny and unceasingly creative. It's the perfect spoof.

Space Moose
God, this is absolutely the most DISGUSTING, HORRIFIC comic ever!! You will not believe the sick shit you will be laughing to death at!!

So hilarious! It's insanely sexy AND totally deviant. The science-fiction naughtyness puts me in awe. And tenticles!

Triangle and Robert
Oh, my god this comic is so funny!! It's about a triangle and a rhombus. Never seen such a great humor to art ratio.

Unicorn Jelly
This comic is AMAZING in how scrupulous the author is in trying to make her world as complete as possible. Errrrgh, just go and see. It's super good, really! And the alternate universe strips are really cool too.

Other Good Comics

Story of someone who creates a universe and finds that he himself is swept along by the events in it. It's really neet!

Absolute Tripe
Insane, insane and quite sexy. It is so enjoyable, but sadly no longer updated.

ANOTHER comic about people in an RPG! And it's incredibly funny!

Adventures Anitomica
The story of this man named Adventures Anitomica and a blood lusting cat woman. Weeeeird!!

Blood Lark
Yes!! Eight, the writer of Road Waffles, has started a new comic! This one is a fantasy.

Bob and George
You'll enjoy the adventures of Bob and George! (Teehee!)

Boy Meets Boy
A wonderfully cute comic about the erotic exploits of two gay men. It's very sweet.

Boxjam's Doodle
Thoroughly amusing and extremely clever.

Bruno the Bandit
Bruno the Bandit is a lovely and creative comic. At one point Bruno is changed into a woman. At another, his parents are discovered indulging in a D&S scene.

Buster Wilde
At one point Bruno is changed into a woman. At another, his parents are discovered indulging in a D&S scene.

A Doemain of Our Own
An adorable comic about two deer and the tribulations of their married life. Awww!

Demonic Boppu
God, I love this! It has about my favorite opening comic ever!

Demon Pooka
An insane and delightful comic about a Demon named Pooka. It's ineffable, apparenty, because I can't think of what to write about it!

A cute and twisted comics about drows. It's very well drawn, but not much has happened yet, so I don't know what else to say.

11 Will Die
By Kelvin, the same author as Macropodia. This one's also dangerously cute and quite a delight. And it has lots and lots of vore.

Elf Life
Baughb the elf. Gla!

El Goonish Shive
An absolutely AWESOME comic: creative, interesting, and completely FULL of fetishes! LOTS of transformation.

A fun fun comic by a good friend of mine. Lots of insane stuff is happening soon he informs me, so read!

It's a comic where--get this--ALL the characters are mythical beings!!

Flem 2.0
Hahahaha! This one is so funny!!! It just a nasty scathing rant about the idiocy of current politics and news! Heehee!

Fluble is so incredibly funny! Somehow, despite often relying on clishe'd plot devices, it remains amusing and original to me.

Faux Pas
A super-cute comic about some very self-absorbed animals and their difficulties in understanding each other.

Gene Catlowe
A very deep and quite facinating comic. I dislike the metaphysics though.

I can't believe how great this comic is! It's so depressing though. It's about several unfortunate people, a Casanova goat, a satanic chicken, and two coprophelic aliens.

In a Perfect World
This is a comic by Ara Karath, an artist I greatly enjoy because he loves to draw conjoinment pics! Whee! And there's conjoinment in the comic too! Whee! (Also some fattening, for those who like that.)

The author of this comic is able to do some amazing things with pure crap. I think he is good at what he does, but I completely dislike the metaphysics.

Just Another Crowd
My friend draws this and it's extremely funny. Click the fuck on the link.

Heehee! Total nonsense! It's hilarious!

A comic I don't understand at all but has amazing artwork. Silverblue, the author, is really nice too.

Lean On Me
This lovely comic is about some girls who survive being different in a closed- minded high school. I like it because it is cute and openly deviant.

Dave Kelly's started another comic! And of course it's going to be good. It continues the delightful adventures of Lizard after his escape from Greytown.

Lost in the Glen
Amusingness, bondage, and just plain weird nonsense. Yay!

Really lovely comic with continually more complicated plot. The main character of this comic has a Japanese school uniform fetish.

My Life in Blue
A comic about many forms of sexuality, drawn with great artwork. It includes a male transsexual character. Plus, Titus Andronicus is my favorite Shakespeare tragedy.

Not Gonna Take It
Super cute comic by a super nice author. It is indeed great fun.

Namir Deiter
The super girly on-line comic! At one point, one of the characters took someone as her slave, but they never followed up on that! I was so disapointed! But I still enjoy reading it of course.

The Parking Lot is Full
A comic wich will terrify you to the depths of your soul. It's like the far side, only it causes emotional trauma. It's great.

Wonderfully random and weird. It is boisterously insane and almost unbearably cute.

Pokey the Penguin
Haha! This comic is hilarious! It's done in the style of a maladjusted 5 year old.

Post Sex Clean-Up
Haha! This comic is hilarious! It's done in the style of a maladjusted 5 year old.

Follow the adventures of the evil and catatonic professor Ashfield.

This is a comic for those with great blood lust. In each episode, the main character dies in a horrible violent way. @_@ I mean... it's just...

Road Waffles
This comic is so incredibly funny! And frightening. Unfortunately no longer updated.

RPG World
People who are trapped in a role-playing game! Oh no!

Sexy Losers
Ha! Extremely amusing comic. The man who entices a girl who has a crush on him to fuck corpses. The boy who's roommate writes a classic book on masturbation. Yup.

The Sinner Dragon
A really well-drawn comic by an Itialian woman, and it's full of pure evil and even a scene of erotic slavery! Yay!

Free Cartoon Porn! ANOTHER comic by the insanely hilarious Dave Kelly!

Snow-Covered Fur
An amazingly well drawn comic, presented in the form of a series of short stories. What I like most about it is the author's depth and subtleness in showing how the characters are both human and animal.

Stoopid Pigeon
Bizzare, nonsensical, disturbing. It's the strangeness that's so strange you can't help laughing.

Fetishes are the primary motor that drives this delightful comic. Somehow every panel seems to speak eroticism.

Strange Candy
Entirely deviant. People trapped in an anime universe, which seems to be a fetish itself. Cat people. Bondage. The evil lord forces his male underlings to wear female clothing and wings. It's awesome!

I can't think of anything to write about this comic! Ummm... it's good, take a look for yourself!

Strange Daze
A totally bizarre comic about the apocalipse and stuff... and I just don't understand any of it! It's really fun!

Squadron 509
This comic is REALLY funny. The author is very loony, and wants to be a dominatrix when she grows up. I think that's great.

Stanky Water
A comic of evil but goddam funny nonsequiter humor.

Very deviant, bizarre, and awsome in every way. Lots of fur. One several extremely fat characters and a she-male. There are spanking and D&S references here and there.

Extremely unusual humor. Makes me slightly frightened. Sooo weird! It has to do with almost all the characters being unable to connect with each other. They are all trapped in their own world.

Tang's Weekly Comic
Very lighthearted and silly. It highly amuses me. I think someone should base a new world religion off it.

Umlaut House
A sexy comic with mad scientists and lots of different sexualities that I love very much. ^_^

Unlike Minerva
I've never seen humor anywhere quite like this. I can't quite describe it. See for yourself.

This is about a bunch of rodents who get in trouble. The art is really good.

Venus Envy
The difficulties of being a transsexual.

Total insane randomness. It's totally hilarious. The women are shiny.

When I Grow Up
This comic, about twentysomethings having weird adventures and personal problems... is just plain great! It was great fun, but the story's over.

Zebra Girl
This comic is super neat and weird. It's about a girl who changes into a demon.

Other Fun Places

Altered Realities
This is a very important place for me. I learned a lot about myself there.

The Ballooniverse
A brave new world in which all life is a variation on the theme of living balloons. Soon it will all be possible with genetic engeneering of course.

Bucky Boy
His pictures are so pretty!

Bunny Fetish
This is a site by a person who likes to dress herself as a bunny!

Deviant Desires
How can I describe this place? It is like a magical fantasy land. One of my favorite sites, indeed. Katherine Gates is a hero of mine. Both her book and her site provided me with invaluable information and inspiration.

Dolphin Sex
Dolphin sex anyone? Eh? Eh? Eh?

This place is so awesome. Totally random and weird.

The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series
This is my favorite web site ever. It's an on-line philosophy journal.

Furry Inflation Page
I LOVE this site!

John Boulton
My favorite furry artist.

Naga's Page
Some very excellent art work involving tranformations, especially into mythological creatures and stone statues.

The Onion
It's the Onion! Yay!

This Is True
This guy is brilliant, witty, insightful, and halious. He writes a free newsletter of amusing true stories. Subscribe now!

This is an extremely wonderful site. I won't say what it's about. The author is clearly a genius. DEFINITELY read her life story.

This is the site of some lovely furry art.
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ list
Here have we an FAQ about BDSM. Very educational. Read.