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What is this comic about?
    This comic is my own take on the ancient theme of the Psycopathia Sexualis by Kraft-Ebbing or the 120 days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. With the aim of exploring an extreme variety of odd sexual deviations and perversions, these great works dug deep to bring out the hidden depravity in human sexuality. They are both wonderful. I highly recommend them. However, both writers missed something very important about sexual deviations: their inherently amusing nature. I cannot see how they did this because not much do I find more amusing than sexual deviations. For example, there are people who find various boots or shoes strongly arousing. There are those who drool over amputees. Then there are those who desire to feel themselves stretching as their bodies fill up with air until they are just as round and tight as a balloon. What could be more amusing than that? The deep obsessions certain people have for such seemingly random things are not only highly interesting to study, but have great potential for hilarity. I can think of no better source of inspiration for an amusing plot than sexual deviations. Therefore, to correct the oversight of those previous writers I mentioned, I plan to use this comic to explore the amusing side of fetishes and such. I already have enough material to keep the comic going for years, but please e-mail if you know of more I can learn and possibly use.

What is a fetish, kink, deviation, etc?
    A kink is any sort of deviation, whereas a fetish is usually defined as focusing on and making sexual a particular thing which by itself is normally not considered sexual. BDSM is usually not considered to be fetishes, but the distinction is arbitrary because any deviation seems like it could fit my definition of fetish. They are all idiosyncrasies anyway. Therefore, for my purposes the words are interchangeable.
    But enough of that. What does a fetish feel like? A fetish is an intense fascination and obsession with particular objects, particular actions, particular sensations, or particular feelings. Just how sexual attraction to breasts and cocks is not a logical decision, a fetish is pure undeniable instinct.There is extreme variety in the kinks people have but the kinks are not arbitrary. Some fetishes are far more common than others and some things no one finds erotic.
    A fetish is always sexual, but it can also be more than sexual. A person with a strong fetish will probably want to see a movie that shows his fetish even if he doesn't feel like masturbating to it. It is just so delightful to see it, even if the movie is crap.
    There different degrees of kinkyness: one can have a little erotic quirk or can make it part of one's lifestyle. For example, I think would enjoy a relationship with someone who gives up power to me all the time, not just in the bedroom (though I'm not sure how much since I haven't actually tried it yet.) But although I like inflation, I am not a lifestyle inflationist, whereas Mr. Blowup is. I have a friend who is a lifestyle furry, which means that she sees her anthropomorphic alter-ego as a better approximation of who she is than her human body.
    A fetish is part of a person's identity, just how his identification as gay or straight is part of his identity. A fetish may be just a little quirk or a major fascination but in all cases it is part of who its owner is. I won't speculate on the origin of fetishes, but mine I have had all my life, as far back as I can remember. I think I was born with them, but if I wasn't they are as much a part of me now as my eyes or my fingers.

What am I atempting with this comic?
    Children's books have always been my favorite genre of litterature. There is a particular emotion one gets from the best of them that is almost absent from

other books (except Don Quixote and The Pickwick Papers). The best children's books are about nonsense, simplicity, fantasy, and extasy. The emotions the characters feel are direct, overwhelming, and innocent; they gush forth as strong as a burst dam. They are emotions that are useful and invigorating to feel: joy, fear, sadness, anger, and wonder; but never boredom, depression, or hopelessness. This makes for wonderful, enraptured, and utterly delightful reading.
      Many children's books have hidden erotic undertones. Lewis Carroll, for example, used to befriend small girls and photograph them nude when he could get their parents' permission. Alice aparently represents his erotic ideal. L. Frank Baum's books are full of extremely weird and sometimes morbid plots, many of which involve known fetishes. I do not know if he had these fetishes himself, but I do know two people (one of them being me) who first became aware of their own fetishes reading his books as children. Now, why must the sexuality in these children's stories be so repressed? If it weren't, the story would not be for children, but I would still love to read it. That is therefore the purpose of my comic: to combine the delight of a children's story with pure, unbridled eroticism.

What is the theme?
      What sort of world is it where good and evil do not matter? What sort of people live there and how do they interact? Such a world could be a wonderful place because to make it possible, I have given it and its people very wonderful properties.
     The premise of my comic asserts that virtue is an evil made necessary because of our weaknesses. I'm not sure if this is true, but I assume it in order to make the comic work.
     Both my characters' minds and the world they live in conspire to make good and evil unnecessary. They have such strong wills that almost no sort of treatment can really hurt them. Being mistreated, tortured, or raped only makes them annoyed and even sexually aroused. The magic of the fantasy land they live in makes them tough; they heal quickly and are almost impossible to kill. Consequently, my characters don't worry about the pain they cause when they mistreat, torture, or rape simply because they fail to cause any real pain. Nothing they could do would be what their victims could not endure. They risk nothing but exactly the same treatment should their victims get the upper hand. With characters so resillient under the most horrid treatment, actions which in our world would seem horrifying can here be treated completely light-heartedly.
      In this world one is free to behave as one pleases, to act on every whim, to forcefully pursue every desire, and revel in the consequences. The only morality most people know here is to move directly toward what they want without worrying about anyone else.

Why are there so many spelling errors?
      I don't know if there are many spelling errors, but I assume there are because I have a bad spelling dyslexia which makes it very difficult for me to learn to spell correctly. When I was learning to write, it took me many many times on most words before I could spell them correctly. Now I am much better at spelling, but there still remain many words that are just spelled wrong in my brain and I still spell them wrong no matter how many times they are pointed out to me. For example, for the longest time I wrote 'certian' for 'certain' and I still sometimes have to think about how to do it when I get to it. I often write 'definately' for 'definitely' and just today someone pointed out to me that I always write 'coller' for 'collar.' I always use spell check, but sometimes I get a homophone for the word I want and don't notice that at all. Anyway, if the spelling should happen to bother anyone, remember that I'm not an idiot. My brain just malfunctions when I try to spell.
      But you know what? I just wrote that whole paragraph without making a mistake!