Fan Art
If you have fan art for me, just send it to

Here's a cute pic of the infantalist skunks by Kelvin of 11 Will Die.

Isn't this picture just excellent!?!?! Kirsi made it for me for my birthday! It's Torgaire and Maya & Lily fucking! Thanks so much, Kirsi! It seems studying in the library got out of hand. Well, that's to be expected. Libraries are such dangerous, immoral places. Best keep your children out of them if you want to keep them good. Here's Kirsi's website!

Here's some fan art drawn by Paul Gecko, who sent me a wonderful letter explaining how my comic inspired him to start drawing! I think that's so cool to get letters like that.

Here's a little fanfic about Alex's paws. It's by Jeff HLAGHULAGULAG, author of Indra in the Dead Letter Office. This is good because it resolves the controversy over Alex's paws having been shown with pads earlier in the comic. See? The Ruler must not have known that rabits don't have pads!!

Here's a brilliant concept: Taffy the taffy pony in a giant taffy puller! It's by Emily, a good friend and fellow libertarian, more of whose art can be found HERE!

Adorable fanart by Duckie! She drew this for me while I was away from school, and tormented me by not telling me what it was until I got back and saw it for real. Why is Alex's head on the end of the Jester stick? Nobody knows!

Here's a lovely picture Kirsi drew for me, showing me as a dragon, Kirsi as a naga, and Nipper as a gryphon! Here, once again, is Kirsi's VCL site!

I got some fan art by Merick, showing Iris floating away in the air!

Here's some fan art from Cohl, showing him kissing Alex's feet. Cute, eh?

Here's some cute fan art I recieved from Lisa Parish with Alex & Iris!

Here's a picture Sienna 2000 drew for me, showing me as Darkness, from the great fantasy movie, Legend. Isn't it a great pic? We both think Darkness is great.

Poussiere drew this pretty little picture of me!

Her other art is HERE.

Here's some awesome fan art drawn by Emilie! Isn't it just gorgeous?! It's Lara, obviously, in the mer form her grandmother temporarilly transformed her to back here. A gallery of more of her work can be found here. It was wonderful to meet her, not only because she's a great artist and highly intelligent, but she's also... A LAISSEZ-FAIRE CAPITALIST!!! YAY!

Kirsi, who has drawn me far more fan art than ANYONE, gave me this cute Chibi picture of Alex and Iris!

Her VCL site is HERE.

Geisha drew a picture of me as an Aztec warrior. I mean wow, this is a really awesome picture and concept! Geisha's story site is HERE.

Katze drew this for me to show her appreciation of my comic. Hee, I love seeing people's fantasies. ^_^

A dirty dirty filthy picture by Humminbird!

Here's another picture from Jirris of Ezailia! WOW!!! I'm amazed at how much his art has improved!!! It's an awesome picture too!

Wow!!! ANOTHER great picture from Kirsi! I absolutely love this one because it is such graphic, semen-covered parn, yet she somehow managed to make it look sweet and adorable nevertheless. See Kirsi's VCL site!

I just got this excellent and amusing picture from Rancid, a zombie and zombie lover. Wow, he somehow managed to draw a cute zombie in this picture too, a concept I would never have fathomed before. See Rancid's VCL site! Intrestingly, all his Zombies seem to wear rather trendy clothes.

A drawing by Froggy! As she says, "Okay, okay, I've done it! BWAHAHAAA! anyhoo, the story behind this one (in case you've forgotten) is that in a scientific experiment gone HORRIBLY wrong, these four were temporarily transformed into....well...each other." How cute!

Holy fuck! This picure rocks! I can't think of anything else to say about it. The artist is Etc!

The best stuffed toy ever!!! Made and mailed to me by Kirsi whose VCL site is HERE, and Higashiko of www.higashiko.net!!!

A cutey cute pic of Alex and Iris in a bottle, titled "Absolut Devotion" by Algus of The Lands.

Wow, I've never seen an Iris pic with such perfect shinyness on it. This looks so 3D! Heehee, I love it. Oh, and it's by Mikuroko!

This one is by Magenta, of Eaviston, a comic I adore, in which Lara has somehow stolen Alex's body. I could totally see her doing that.

Another picture by by Higashiko, of www.higashiko.net, which once again turned out awesome. Heehee, I love how my hooves look in this one.

Ok, Acet and Acette have officially sent me the most hilarious fan art ever. That Lara with her detachable head! She's always getting into scrapes! These are the two people who ordered, and are featured in, this picture.

Mike, author of Fantastical Bestiary, a hilarious hilarious comic, sent me a picture which I really think captures the spirit of Latex Blue well. I'm horribly pleased with it.

I got this picture from Zan, illustrator of My Life in Blue. He said he had trouble with furries, so he would draw a merman instead. Of course that was fine with me, since merfolk are awesome. According to Zan,
"This one was captured in 1780 by a fisherman on the shoreline of Sicily. At an underground auction, a visiting Lord Cyril Douglas purchased the rarity and kept it in a man-made pond as part of his Arcadian gardens. Five years later, Cyril became bankrupt and sold his marine treasure to his brother, Berkley, who was the patron of a European traveling freak show. The creature did not live long after it's transport form the gardens, and so little evidence of its existance remains. Its backbone is currenly kept at the Douglas family treasury, but it is subject to doubt."

Another picture by Mango Madness, showing an adventure with him and another character on my MUCK. Um... BLOOD!!!!

God, Iris looks like something out of a video game in this one, doesn't she? Hee, that's so cool. She would, incedentally, make a great video game character. Picture by Spongebob Squarepants!

This masterpiece was done by Kirsi, a lovely slave of mine on my MUCK, who in this this picture appears as the captured aristocratic girl at the knees of the Captain, played by me. The adorable cabin boy is played by Nipper, another slave of mine on my MUCK. Imagine, captured by the dread pirate Bluedeer! Plus I think it's halarious that she included the 'not fag' pin on my coat. More art by Kirsi can be found HERE.

God, this picture is fucking awesome. Click here for Alex as a bishionen/goth bunny! I must say, he looks really great that way. Oh yeah, and this picture was made by Sienna 2000, a friend and fellow student at my school.

An anonymous artist wanted to see Strider in total humiliation, tied down, daipered, with cruel people laughing at him. I really think this picture turned out lovely. Look how cute it is! And how colorful! Also, the artist gave me some nice art tips from this. For example, look how the foreground is colored with warm colors, the color of humiliation, and the background is colored in cold colors, just like the characters coldly laughing at him. I thought that was neat.

The result of an art swap with Silverblue, of Lacunae and Gothbunny.net, which shows Alex at his angstiest. He looks so sad! I bet he needs a nice living balloon to keep him company.

A very strange picture of two conjoinees by Ceph of Squid Ship, one of my favorite comics. Part of an art swap for which I returned this picture. I was quite pleased with the swap.

This highly amusing picture is from Caleb, who can be found on my MUCK. I should explain that A.S.S stands for Academy of Submissive Students, and it's a place that people frequent on my MUCK.

Here's a very pretty picture by Woozy. Gee, Iris looks very unusual here! That's one of the things I like about getting fan art is seeing Iris and the other characters in so many different ways. Woozy says that the other half of the picture "rivaled Michealangelo (the artist not the ninja turtle"), but it didn't fit on the scanner. That's really a shame I think.

Ho-leeee shit!! DAMN this picture is great! It's made by Higashiko, of www.higashiko.net. And guess what, I actually have the actual, real cel that this picture is drawn on!!! Yes!! I think I'll put it up in my room at college.

Another lovely picture by Mango Madness, this time showing me getting the plushie I really really want, one of a headless 'roo named Angelina! I designed her to be a character in Kelvin the Lion's 11 Will Die, which is an excellent comic.

This picture, by Mango Madness, depicts Iris actually tied with her own body around her master, Alex. It totally RULES!!!

Here's a nice picture from Jim Taylor, author of The Mystery of Lunchboxin and Immoral Enterprises! It shows Iris and another female furry fondling each other.

Here's a picture of me, surrounded by lushious cat girls, and drawn by J ^_~, author of Dirty Karma. Hm, how nice for me! ... that's not supposed to be me in the thumbnail though. It's one of the cat girls.

This is an excellent, adorable, wonderful picture by Kirsi, my slave on my MUCK. My next project will be to make the picture alive by magically inserting our minds into the characters. Kirsi's other art can be found HERE..

This picture shows Alex holding a bunny on a leash. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? It's by a really cool artist, Snow Dappled Dragon, whose site can be found HERE. I LOVE her detailed, sexy dragons.

A sweet and adorable picture by Angal. I mean, who doesn't love orgies? More of Angal's pictures can be found at www.geocities.com/angal_83.

Fear Love
Taaminara dedicated a poem to me! That's just so cool! No one's ever done that before, and it doesn't seem like it'll ever happen again, so WOW!

Taaminara's site can be found HERE.

This was made by Kirsi, the red ringtail in the picture and it's one of my favorite gifts I've ever gotten because IT'S JUST SO DAMN FUNNY!!! The expressions on the animals (which she says she didn't change a bit) are just perfect, aren't they?

LaKrishna de Moonwalker gave me this picture, called "Tigeress Madonna," as a present. It's a fantastic image, and look at that pretty collar round her neck!

Wow! I love this picture because I think it is by far the most absolutely revolting fan art I've EVER gotten!! And not only that, but it's by Gilda, of The Sinner Dragon, a completely awesome comic. She said my comic was a "cure for depression." What a nice thing to say! Thanks a lot, Gilda!

An awesome and disturbing image.

Mwahahaha, I love this picture. It just shows their personalities so nicely. It's half of an art swap I did with Jirris, of Ezailia.

This adorable picture was the result of an art-swap with an excellent artist who wishes to remain anonymous. This would be fun, wouldn't it? He tells me that he conjoined them in such a way so that they can still have sex with each other--the best of both worlds!

Ooo, here's one from my good friend Brenna. Isn't it awesome? I love the way all the characters look--it's all so delightful. The Ruler's expression is priceless. This one almost makes it look like Torgaire is the one who's REALLY in charge--but who knows?

Jorf! Here's another picture from Salamander and it came out just AWESOME, didn't it?

Dan wolfe shows Iris next to Ana, a character from his comic, Dead Celebs.

Rednaxela, who was far too impatient to see Alex in a box, drew THIS!

This from the immortal Dave Kelly, my all-time favorite internet cartoonist, the result of an art swap. It shows me doing something enjoyable. Hahaha! Look at my face! That's JUST how I'd look too! Too bad you can't see it because he asked me to take it down!

We see here some art by Coyotegirl, who has caught Iris in 3 stages of greater and greater inflation.

This one is from Salamander and, well, he just seems to have thought of something that might well have happened lately if it only had occured to me first! More pictures by him HERE!

Wow, an animation of MEEEEEE! This was made by a good friend of mine, Jennifer Diane Reitz, author of Unicorn Jelly. Isn't that just delightful?

IT'S ALIVE!!! Mwahahahha!

Oooo, I adore this picture!! It is from Inazuma, author of Hengyokai, an extremely wonderful comic. Of this picture, Inazuma says, "It is a Kangaroo Rat boy, an eager slave." Someone please bring him to life for me?

Another from Sienna 2000 and ohhh! I am just in love with this picture! According to her,
"This fine lady has a split personality, one side of her brain controls one half and vice versa. Both personalities are very different. One day, very unhappy that they are still stuck together they decide to severe themselves so they can finally be individuals! Cool huh? But the way I see it, they are able to rejoin at will."

I got this adorable Christmas card from Patches! He has his own comic called Lost In the Glen. It's cute, just like his picture, and it has an inflatable character too! You don't see her inflating yet though.

Lunar just sent me this absolutely fantastic picture of Lara. He or she or sie or it calls it a 'sketch,' but it actually appears to be a carefully rendered drawing that is WAY better than anything I could hope to accomplish! WAH! Someone go suck the skills out of him or her or hir or it and inject them into ME!! NOW!!

I just got this wonderful psychedelic coloration of comic #2 along with this note:
Hello there!I'm a big fan of yer lil comik here,and especially Iris, she's so cute! I would love to dress up like her,and silently wait in a closet for someone to come home and take me out(of course to then do naughty things.ooh!). Hee hee!Thanks for inspiring me to new perversions.I colored one of your strips to show my appreciation, I hope you like it/use it and stuff...If you like it,maybe I'll color others! ^_^ !!! Anyway,thank you again for making such a neato comik,and..stufffff....

This rather scary picture was done by Jeff Boyes, a friend of mine. Um... it's the scariest thing on the site so far I think. (Of coures that means I like it!) Jeff Boyes also does a comic called Just Another Crowd. It's funny! Go see!

I just got this lovely picture from Maximus. Wow, look how awesome it is! I just adore it!

Whodat Hokiniku made this delightful image and sent it to me. He says he added Iris's head to a manga body and that he has "no skill so if you can't do steal". Heehee! Don't worry Whodat! I think it looks great and I won't tell anybody. ;)

My friend Cookie couldn't wait long enough to see Iris inflate, so she drew her own rendition. It's so cute! Here are some more pictures by her.

Yay! My first bit of fan art by Sienna 2000! I'm tickled pink to have them! She's a classmate of mine and she said my comic inspired her so much that she had to create these characters. Isn't she good? Maybe she should get an account at the Vixen Controled Library.