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2006 07 17

Hello all! Above is another pic I made for Nekosune, website programmer for Funky Forest with me as my skunktaur character, Phlogiston.

Latex Blue News: I spent this summer trying to start a lot of projects with people, but all have met with disappointment, mainly because the various people who were to do the projects with me quit. I've had three artists quit on me this summer. Cudos for Galago for remaining dedicated to Funky Forest with me! One of these artists was going to help me finish Latex Blue. I just had found drawing the comic so tedius that I just couldn't stand to do it anymore. However, it looks like trying to find reliable people to help me is going to be even worse. Are there any artists around who would like to help me finish the comic? Oh please please email if you would like to! If not, look for more comics at my characteristic slow pace!
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