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2003 12 08

NOTE: Now my email works, but the phorum does not work! It will be working again some day I hope! Also, there might not be a comic on Friday because I just noticed that I did the comic that comes after the next one, but not the next one! Hopefully I'll finish it in time.

These are two great comics I've just discovered which you all MUST see. Jerkcity is about a bunch of chat conversations all of which involve dicklicking and completely insane shit, and Our Home Planet begins with a pair of aliens pretending to be Sweedish massuses so as to tenderize humans for eating.

2003 12 12

Just think: his kilt probably flaps up when he jumps. Here's what Kirsi said when I showed her this: "Thar's ol' MacSnatchand. Quiet fella, mostly stays in 'is 'ouse all day. Kips out to buy food and tissues once in a while."

Hey! I've been quoted on the main page of Jack! Just think: by merely ranting about how awful that comic is, I have now been rewarded by greater publicity! The internet has funny incentives, huh?

I can't wait untill Christmas!!!

Yay!!! The forum works now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003 12 17

There will be no comics for a bit; I've had a terrible week. On Sunday, my beatiful girlfriend (not previously mentioned on this site) broke up with me. I don't totally understand the reason, but it was quite devistating.

In addition, on Monday I was in a horrible car crash and am lucky to be alive. I was following my friend Ken in my car to his house where we were to watch some movies. I didn't know how fast I was going but later Ken said he was going about 45 (which was the speed limit on that road), so, because I was following him, I must have been going at that speed too. I should have slowed; I had a fair warning that I was going too fast because at one point the car started slipping just a bit. Then, after a small ice-covered bridge, the car just drifted off into the left lane on its own; since there were cars coming I tried to turn back into the right lane, but since I was slipping, this drove me straight off the road into a ditch. I cleared the ditch and the car grazed the edge of a thick diagonal support wire running from the ground to the side of a telephone pole; this caused the car to flip right over in a farmer's field. The car's low ceiling caved in and squashed my head nearly into my chest.

The doctor says I will never walk again.

Haha! Just kidding; actually I got out of the car with only minor injuries. The car stopped due to its impact with the ground and I was sitting upside-down inside. It was still running so I shut it off. Then I undid my seatbelt and fell to the ceiling. I tried to open the door, but of course it was too deformed to open. However, I noticed that the window looked intact, which led me to believe that it was actually entirely shattered. I reached for it and my hand went right through to the snow; so therefore I crawled out. Ken had stopped and was rushing toward me, so I stood up and yelled at him that I was ok. He ran up and hugged me.

So since then I haven't felt much like working on my comic or doing much of anything really.

A couple good things happened this week; my mom let me open a present early and I got a toy of Unicron, the most bad-ass transformer ever. I can't believe they finally made a toy of him. It certainly took long enough. I think they did a really good job on this one, even though it is supposed to go with crappy Transformers: Armada rather than the original Transformers. He is possibly the only action figure I've seen with 5 posable fingers on each hand. In addition, they successfully enabled the ring surrounding him in planet mode to transform into the projections from his shoulders, resembling bat wings, that he has in robot mode. The only things that I particularly dislike about him are that in planet mode, his jaws, which in the movie are a circle of spikes projecting radialy inward, like the jaws of a lamprey or an egg-cutter, are in this toy just two toothed surfaces, one on each side his maw, more like the jaws of a great white shark but not as cool; and the other thing is that in this toy the eyes are red, whereas in the movie they were green. I think this is an important distinction because it shows that Unicron, having neither red eyes, like the decepticons, nor blue eyes, like the autobots, is not allied with either party but is merely his own agent.

Finally, here is a wonderful link someone showed me. It contains amusing pictures useful in jeering at those who make logical fallacies.

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