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2006 03 03

Funky Forest
The above link works now!!! It leads to my new comic that I'm doing with Galago!

FURTHER NOTICE: Now the link works AND the comic actually works. Before something was wrong with MySQL and this caused the comic not to work properly. Dammit.

Another freaking further notice!!! ARARRGH!!!! Yeah, MySQL stopped working again. But now as I write this it is is actually working. HOPEFULLY MySQL will automatically restart itself next time the computer loads.

On this new comic, mainly I get the ideas but Galago does the actual writing and drawing; I do a much better job on things when I'm in charge but I leave the details to other people.

We're including a book reccomendation with every comic of this new comic--so go and click on the books and buy them so that we get commissions!

Fan Art: Two new fan arts! On the left is "a tribute piece to one of the first webcomics I really got addicted to" by Jared Hindman of Head Injury Theatre. To the right is a picture by Brentos, whose art can be found here.

And now here's some topical humor!!

In case you don't know, a few weeks ago some Muslims started rioting all over Europe because they were pretending to be offended over a bunch of Danish Cartoons. The idea that one could be so offended over a newspaper cartoon as to commit crimes over it, especially cartoons as tame as these, is clearly absurd. The real point behind the riots seems to be an attempt to threaten Europe into submission. Never be critical of Muslums ever again or Europe goes into anarchy.

A large proportion of the Muslims who have emmigrated to Europe seem to have brought with them a culture of criminality. Culture, by the way, is the key word here. Muslims, obviously, are not born with criminal tendancies, but their native culture teaches it to them. These criminals have been threatening Europe for some time now, although only with the most recent riots have many people here awakened to this threat. In 2004, a Dutch filmmaker named Van Gogh who made a documentary about Muslim violence against women and, after recieving many death threats for it, was then gunned down. Last year, there were some Muslim riots in France which, though not as bad as the most recent ones, caused a lot of property damage. Prior to that it seems, there had been plenty of French neighborhoods, largely inhabited by Muslims, in which the police dared not go.

I think a lot of the basis for the problems Europeans are having with muslmims has to do with the incorrect idea that tolerance breeds tolerance, that is, if you tolerat me, than that means I am going to tolerate you. This also has to do with the idea that conflicts are caused by misunderstandings, rather than that one or both sides being evil. As a consequence of believing something like this, Europe has alowed a criminal culture inside, one that seems quite willing to take over peace-loving Europeans, no matter how tolerantly they are being treated.

The real trick here is to be tolerant of tolerant people and intolerant of intolerant people. This may seem obvious, but it is a point apparently lost on both the left and the right, the former desiring intolerance of whole classes of society, such as the wealthy, the white males, and the religious, yet tolerance of both common criminals and mad dictators such as Saddam Hussein, and the latter desiring intolerance of entierly peaceful classes, such as homosexuals and potheads.

Fan Art