Important Commands for LB MUCK

In-character commands.
These will help you to interact easily with other people on the MUCK.
" , sayMakes you talk. "Greetings. Dragonfly says, "Greetings."
: , poseMakes you do something. :tickles Dragonfly tickles.
l , lookMakes you look at something. There are similar commands for 'smell,' and 'feel.'l nipper(Shows Nipper's description)
l(Shows the room's description.)
lookatAllows you to look at an object a player is carying.lookat nipper collar(Shows Nipper's collar's description)
p, pageAllows you to talk or pose to someone from a distance. p kirsi=Arr! Dragonfly pages, "Arr!" to Kirsi
p kirsi=:waves! In page-pose to Kirsi, Dragonfly waves!
w, whisperWhisper to someone in the room so that no one else can hear.w kirsi=Care to go back to my place? :) Dragonfly whispers, "Care to go back to my place? :)" to Kirsi.
tbPuts your thoughts in a thought bubble. This is useful for speaking out of character. tb I haven't given consent to that. Dragonfly . o O ( I haven't given consent to that. )
spoofCause something to happen. spoof The liquid latex soon spreads all over your body.The liquid latex soon spreads over your body.
leashAllows you to set who may leash you and to leash and unleash other people. leash Lander You put a leash onto Lander.
leash LanderYou unfasten the leash on Lander.
leash #help (Tells you how to use leash)
Out-of-character commands.
These will help you to interact well with the MUCK.
connect, conAllows you to connect to your character. con character password(You enter the body of someone named 'character,' who doesn't really exist because this is just an example.)
WHOTells who is on the muck. WHO(Tells who is on the muck.)
findallTells who is on the muck and shows where they all are too. Very useful. findall(Tells who is on the muck and where they are.)
gohomeSends you straight home. gohome(Takes you home.)
lastonTells when a character was last connected.laston ebonypony (Tells when ebonypony was last on.)

Allows you request to teleport to another character or invite them to teleport to you. Also allows you to grant a request or accept an invitation. Do not use this on someone without asking first. mjoin dyraRequest sent.
msummon dryaRequest sent.
ws, whospeShows the species and other stats of people. It's also useful to see who is awake and asleep in a (Shows the stats of everyone in the room.)
ws kirsiKirsi : Zzzz : Female : Ringtail
wa, whereare Allows you to see what rooms are occupied so that you have an idea where you might go to meet people.wa(Shows the public rooms that have 2 or more peolpe in them.)
wa #help (Shows a bunch more wa options.)
t, tportAllows you to store places you go often and teleport to them. There are also some global teleport commands that people have made to go to common places.tport #help (Shows a bunch of tport options.)
plaza(Takes you to the Plaza, which is the center of the city, from which you can explore. Next door is the King's High Rise, where you can get an apartment.)
cgi(Takes you to the Cumming Gryphon Inn, the local hang-out.)
2ass(Takes you to the Acadamy for Submissive Studies, a good place for adventures.)
Character editing commands.
These will help make your character and your home presentable.
editplayerAllows you to easily edit your description and many other settings.editplayer (Shows a bunch of editplayer options.)
editroomAllows you to easily edit the room (if you own it), edit its links, and build new rooms from it. editroom(Shows a bunch of editroom options.)

Allows to to switch between pre-set morphs, and thus easily switch to different discriptions, sexes, and any other attributes you can set with editplayer. Qmorph lets you morph but does not autumatically pose it to everyone. morph femaleDragonfly becomes female.
morph #add (Makes your current settings into a new morph and prompts you for the name of the morph and the command to morph to it.)
morph #help (Tells you more on how to run morph)
qmorph female>> You quietly morph to 'FemaleDragonfly'.

Allows you to set attributes to yourself so that anyone can see what you want to reveal about your personality and sexuality. It's an amazingly useful thing; I wish we had them in real life. WI is mainly for personality; wixxx for sexuality. Commands for WI are the same as for wixxx. Incedentally, we have the best WI options of any muck I've ever seen.wi(Shows the wi flags of everyone in the room)
wi Dragonfly Dragonfly: young cute dominant romantic magical master cervine comic-artist male Anthro deer
wi #help (Shows you more about how to use wi.)
Special wizard commands.
Only wizards can use these.
@yankSucks a player to wherever you are.@yank dyraDyra has arrived.
@zaptoJumps you to wherever a player is.@zapto dyraYou have arrived.