Chinese Dragon
A commission I drew for Mizz Adamz.
Surrealia in Weirdoran
Here's a picture I gave to Kelvin, of 11 Will Die, using two of his characters that I really like. I mean, a squidbunny? That's just awesome. And the roo, named Surealia, has a zipper on his pouch which he uses to shut things in! Here are some comics with him in them: 1, 2, 3.
Acet and Acette
Here's a commission ordered by Acet and Acette (perhaps better known as Aerofox and Loriana), two adorable balloon foxes, who in real life are married! Isn't that just sweet? ^_^ I sure am glad I drew this for me, because in addition to the money they paid me, they give me the most halarious fan art ever! Acet's site is here and Acette's is here .
Here are two views of Chelsea, a friend of mine on my MUCK. Gosh, isn't she cute? She loves to be taken apart! ^_^ Here's a page of her art.
This is Silverblue, an absolutely amazing artist whose art can be found at and who also writes a comic called Lacunae. We did an art swap, and here's what I got back from her.
This is my friend Lander. He's a roo now though.
Spanking Kirsi
Here's a picture I drew for Kirsi. I'm very pleased with how it came out, and so is she, naturally. Here's Kirsi's VCL site, by the way.
Cross-Dressing Nipper
That's me and Nipper again! Awww, isn't he sweet? :) I drew this for him as a gift. The dot at the end of this sentence goes to his website .
Jesus is my Pal
This picture I drew to show my love and devotion to Jesus. Actually he threatened to send me to hell if I didn't give him a blow job.
Why that's the author of Squidship , A comic you should check out. This is the other half of the art swap which got me THIS !! She really looks like this in real life.
Conjoined Pair
Ohhh, I love this picture! I just made it for myself as a little reward for working so hard. *gives self a patpat.* I liked this picture so much you can buy t-shirts, sweat shirts, and other things with the picture on it. I'm serious. Here's the STORE . See?

The story behind this picture is that, in their world, all people are born conjoined to a twin. Marriage is only legal between pairs of people, and not between individuals. Unfortunately for them, only the two which are holding hands are in love, and the other two are not (although they like each other well enough.) However, there is a happy ending to the story: they all realize how silly the idea of legal marriage is and just live together without giving a shit what other people think, although sometimes their situation causes nasty fights. That story was a bit to didactic for me, actually.
Dragonfly and Nipper
Yay! I love slavery! Nipper is a slavey friend and fan of mine on Furry MUCK.
Conjoined Skunks
I have a fetish for conjoining people so this one was quite pleasing to make. It was ordered by Dr. Mercurious, the creater of a conjoinment fetish web site at Conjoined Dreams. I'm particularly pleased about how I was able to texture the fur on their body.
For Physics Fox
This was commissioned by the Phyics Fox. Isn't a cool idea? On her belly is Newton's second law, below that is Einstein's Equation for the equivalence of energy and mass, on her left inner thigh is Lagrange's equation to generalize mechanics, on her right buttock and thigh is the time-independant Shrodinger equation, on her right calf is the Heisenberg uncertanty equation for time and momentum, and on her right arm are the equations that relate momentum and energy to wavelength and frequency. A bigger version of the picture is here.
commissioned this of me, demanding "a dragon, um oh, looking in suprise at his claws (or anyother part of his new body, doesnt really matter) cause he's just turned into dragon :). The clothes would be torn (partially or fully, your choice)." And I think it came out just darn cute too!
Aeala playing Taasen
A bit of fan art for my good friend Aeala . She is playing Taasen, a game she invented. This picture demonstrates how one's own creations can surprise their creator. I think most artists sometimes have battles with their own creations.
This is Canid, an aspect of the person who hosts my comic and who owns Irresponsible Cybernetics. He is very nice to me and he always works to keep my comic up and running. Very loyal, just like a good dog. He paid for this picture by getting everything set up again after the hacker incedent and by programming a calender for my site.
Sienna the Tiger
This commission was ordered by my good friend Sienna! She requested a picture of her, "And um you could have me with one foot/paw triumphantly stepping on top of a poor defeated, unsuspecting male." How that poor panther must feel! Ooo, I just love her face!
My third commission! Atae ordered a picture of him and said it should include "orange latexy two-tailed fox." So I drew this and he said the fox he was thinking of was male! He forgot to say which sex and I just assumed female without noticing. Fortunately he didn't mind at all.

Iris, Just Before Swallowing

My second commission! This one from a deeply vorephilic individual. He also wanted to know what Iris's mouth would be like so here it is. The inside of her body is naturally lubricated with something slippery and oily. Past her throat is a sphincter-like circle of latex tightly shut to keep her air in. If she swallowed you, this would open to let you inside her hollow body.

Iris and Hunuhpu

This is my first commission! I'm so proud of it. I love how 3D Iris looks. It shows her in an unlikely meeting with Hunuhpu, an Astec god. Coyo, my server, wanted it in honor of the computer that hosts my comic. The computer he named Hunuhpu. So... anyone else want to commission me?


I drew this for Fay, a fox I know who likes to be a merry-go-round animal. It took me weeks and weeks to finish it because I just couldn't find the motivation. I guess I don't like to draw pictures without telling a story. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with how it came out (I just love that cute expression!) but this is the last time anyone asks for something from me and gets it without paying! ^_^

Gift to Dave Kelly

I made this strip as a gift to Dave Kelly, the author of Living in Greytown, my favorite internet strip of all time.

Jan and Jon

I did this picture for a couple of friends of mine. They're actually a pair of lovers both with a conjoinment fetish! I could hardly believe it! They are so lucky! Some day I'll get around to coloring it.

Wind-up Horse

Here's a practice picture I did before I started the comic. How'd you like to have a key? The lack of political rights given to mechanical people is a severe but not often talked about concern in our society.

Latex Blue